The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Makeup Store Brush Cleaning Soap

Remember the time when washing makeup brushes was exciting and fun?

Yeah, me neither. I especially abhor synthetic buffer brushes - as awesome as they are for applying makeup, they are such a pain in the ass to clean. I have a couple in my stash, and by the time I'm done cleaning them I'm left with half a bottle of brush cleaner and very pruny fingers. Naturally, any product that has even the remotest possibility of making brush cleaning easier is very interesting to me.

It took a while for me to track down the Makeup Store's brush cleaning soap - it's almost always sold out, which I take as a testament to how effective it is.

The Good:

+ Crazy effective. My litmus test? My friend Anj's makeup brushes. She's awesome and I love her, but my goodness, her brushes - it's like they were dipped in beige paint and left to dry for ten years. The first time I cleaned them I used up an entire bottle of Daiso's sponge cleaner (no kidding), but with this soap they were good to go after only two swipes. That means for normal brushes (read: not Anj's) you only need to swipe once.

1. Wet the brush
2. Work the brush across the soap to form a lather
3. Sweep the brush across your palm repeatedly to clean the bristles
4. Rinse clean, and lay flat to dry

+ Minimal product wastage. You pick up very little product with each swipe, and that's enough to clean the brush.

+ Convenient. After a cleaning session I let the soap dry along with the brushes and then I just keep in the plastic box it came in.

+ Also works well with makeup sponges.

The Bad:

+ Hard to get ahold of. Like I said, it's almost always out of stock.

+ A bit pricey. One bar costs around twenty dollars, and while it would undoubtedly last a very long time, the alternative is shampoo which is virtually free.

The Ugly:

+ Cleans a little too well - it leaves my brushes literally squeaking. It's alright for synthetic brushes, but personally I wouldn't use it on animal hair - the one time I tried it there was some shedding, which is never good.

TL;DR: A godsend for synthetic brushes. For natural hair brushes, stick to mild baby shampoo.

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