Binge Watching Diaries

So this was me the last couple of days weeks months.

Which explains why this blog is practically dead. Sort of. Sorry, loyal readers (and by "loyal readers" I mean you Maymay).

It all started with The Good Wife.

I've only ever heard good things about it, but they all failed to pique my interest. And then one fateful day, I ran out of things to watch (all the TV shows I'm following were on break) so I decided to give the first episode a shot. And then the second episode. And then the third, and before I knew it I was naming my basil plant Eli Gold. It took me less than two weeks to go through all five seasons and I am eagerly anticipating the next one; it's not everyday that I stumble upon a show that remains interesting - improves, even - for more than a couple of seasons.

Also, Cary Agos.

And then the World Cup happened. I have to confess I'm not the biggest football fan - there was a brief moment in high school when I fancied myself the football athlete until reality caught up with me - but it's hard not to get swept up in the frenzy. I am, of course, team Germany. Three reasons: (1) I work for a German company, (2) When I visited Europe I loved Germany (and the Germans) the most, and last but not least (3) when Converse released limited edition Chuck Taylors for World Cup 2006 I wanted to get the one in German colors but as I just started working at the time it was way beyond my budget.

Also, Manuel Neuer.
Here he is giving Angela Merkel a hug in a manner that can only be described as graceful.

After watching all the World Cup 2014 matches I could get my hands on I started going through football-related videos on YouTube, partly because it was all interesting and new to me, and partly because this was around the time when planes started falling out of the sky and I was in dire need of a distraction lest I render myself totally unable to fly.

My favourite find is this video, which is the primary reason why my next favorite World Cup team is Scotland. And Ireland after that.

It's two hours (!!!) long, but it's time well-spent - I now know more football trivia than I would like to admit.

After all the hype has died down (and after I've watched above video so many times I practically have it memorized) I proceeded to raiding the contents of my sister's hard drive. 

I'm not very big on Japanese dramas and such, but I have to admit the handful that I've seen are highly entertaining. Nodame Cantabile is no exception.

It revolves around the lives of classical musicians in a university, and true to form I began downloading orchestra pieces shortly after watching the first episode. They actually make for really awesome background music when coding.

I then turned to Reddit (or Scabbit, according to The Good Wife) for binge-watching recommendations, and that was how I discovered Silicon Valley. It's a satire of tech startup culture, and they had me at "scrum".

Also, Donald Jared. I knew I was going to love him. 

Last but not least: Veep, which I just finished yesterday. 

It's a political satire, and I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but I found myself reviewing each episode just in case I missed any brilliant one-liners.

And now I am completely out of things to watch. Back to regular programming, I guess. 

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