Kitchen Misadventures: Sinigang Variations

I've been under the weather the last couple of days, partly from exhaustion from touring my mother (and a couple of her friends) all over Singapore last week, but more so from this nasty bout of sniffles - I've been sneezing and wheezing and my voice sounds like a polyphonic ringtone. Ugh.

Naturally I've been craving piping hot, soup-y comfort food, but at the same time I wanted something other than my usual repertoire that is protein + veggies + sinigang mix.

The first one is inspired by the soup that came with the steamed fish from the Thai hawker stall next door, but I decided to use shrimp instead, so it ended up like a shrimp sinigang of sorts.

Our friendly neighborhood FairPrice sells Tom Yum vegetable packets with two stalks of lemongrass, a knob of ginger, a piece of lime, a couple of Thai chillies, and a handful of kaffir lime leaves, which was perfect for this recipe.

I always peel and devein my shrimp whenever I can, just because I'm a lazy eater. The heads and shell were boiled to create a stock (and so as not to waste that shrimpy flavor), and then to the strained liquid I added lime juice, lemongrass (bruised and sliced into one-inch pieces), sliced ginger, chopped chillies, and torn kaffir lime leaves. I let that boil away for a while, and then plopped in the shrimp together with some canned straw mushrooms and brown shimeji mushrooms - our favorite Thai restaurant in Japan serves these two in their Tom Yum so I thought they would work here as well (and they did ^^).

It was missing a bit of a kick, and even after I juiced in two more limes I still felt it wasn't sour enough, so in the end I caved and added a teeny tiny teaspoon of sinigang mix. Success! Yay, citric acid.

The second dish is courtesy of Gordon Ramsay: poached salmon in miso.

(Excuse the crappy photos; I could not plate for sh*t)

The recipe was pretty easy to follow, and the only modification I did was to omit the broccoli (forgot to buy :p) and the fish stock because my miso paste already contains dashi (seafood stock). It's a bit like sinigang sa miso, but milder. Here's a video of the recipe, because why put into words what Gordon Ramsay can demonstrate for you?

I shall now tuck myself into bed with a book and a giant mug of Lemsip. *sniff*
(For dinner, my sister and I shall feast on leftovers :p)
Happy weekend!

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