Kitchen Misadventures: Pork Belly Sisig

Sisig is traditionally made with various bits and pieces from a pig's head (including the brain - that's what makes it creamy) but I have neither the skills nor the willpower to deal with random porcine parts so I had to make do with what was readily available in these parts - pork belly.

I began by boiling the pork belly slices in water with a bit of salt and vinegar for a couple of minutes, and then chucking them in the fridge overnight, to dry them up. The next day I gave everything a generous sprinkling of salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne, and rubbed the skin with lime juice and more salt. I am told this is the secret to crispy awesomeness, and it has yet to fail me.

Thirty minutes in an AirFryer at 160C, and an additional thirty with the temp cranked up to 200C, and hello, gorgeous.

As much as Philips would like us to recognize the AirFryer's healthy cooking shtick, there is no denying that this beast was made for cooking pork belly to crispy perfection.

It's actually perfectly fine to start eating at this point (I know I did - a significant portion did bot make it into the sisig).

I (reluctantly) chopped the pork, and proceeded to sauté some garlic, onions, and ginger. Threw in a couple of chicken livers. I used raw ones, which in hindsight was not a very good choice because they took longer to cook. The goal is to crush them to form a coarse paste.

And then, chilli peppers. I used the large green ones, because you can bite into them without wanting to kill yourself afterwards; the spice level I can always increase with cayenne pepper (and I always do). Add in the pork, season with soy sauce, and squeeze in a few dollops of mayonnaise.

Now. I hate mayonnaise. Hate it. But, as with most things, the Japanese have found a way to make it awesome. Kewpie mayonnaise is a life-changer. I was addicted to Tamago sandwiches for an entire month when I was on business trip, and this was the reason. Pork brains are, of course, preferable for sisig, but Kewpie mayonnaise is not so shabby.

At this points the onions have all but disappeared, thanks to the time it took to cook the chicken livers, so I added another round of chopped onions. And some cilantro to add a hint of brightness.

Serve with crushed pork cracklings, lime wedges, and lots and lots of white rice.
Oh, and ice-cold Coke. ^^

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