The Minimalist Project: Progress Report #1

Conceptually it was so easy - just get rid of all the junk. I had visions of myself going from cluttered to minimalist in a month. Clearly I was delusional.

Status: Fairly okay

I rarely buy makeup now, which is huge considering how much I used to shop back in the day (and by back in the day, I mean a couple of months ago). I have also managed to whittle down my collection to fit in a single five-layer Muji drawer. It's still a lot, but these are products I genuinely enjoy so I'm keeping them; I'm not going to throw away things I love just for the sake of throwing things away, you know?

I have also "decluttered" my YouTube subscriptions. It has evolved so much from women filming in their bedrooms talking about products they love to PR-managed mini-celebrities shilling products they have barely even touched but are paid to endorse. It's great that they have made a career out of it, but that's just not the content I originally subscribed to. I mean these girls have started filming themselves while taking a shower to hawk shampoo or some other bath product. Seriously, why is this a thing? Do normal, non-pervy people really get a kick out of watching other people bathe? "Hey, I didn't know you could wash your hair like that, how innovative." Nope, I'm good, thanks.

Status: Getting there

Ever since I moved here I've worn flats almost exclusively, especially now that I walk (a kilometer!) to work. However, I love shopping for heels, because in-store they do nothing but elongate your legs. The pinching and the blistering and the bloodshed, that only happens when you get home. The end result is a shoe cabinet filled with barely-used heels and a few very worn-out flats.

I must have thrown away around twenty pairs over the course of a month, which was painful but necessary. Singapore heat and humidity is not kind to shoes on storage, so regardless of how much I loved them it was too much of a risk to wear them out.

As it stands now, I have several pairs of flats on rotation, and still a handful of heels. From this point forward it's going to be a one-in one-out situation - I can only get new shoes to replace a pair that is on its way out.

Status: Not yet started

Purses are not as much of a problem for me because I rarely buy new ones now. I guess it's because I really love the ones I currently own - I've had my Neverfull for three years now, and it still makes me smile everytime I use it - and they are absolute workhorses so there has been no need to get a replacement.

I'm pretty sure there are still a couple of bags lurking in storage that I have forgotten about and should get rid of, but after that I don't think I will have a problem managing the size of my collection (if you could even call it that).

Status: Majestic Failure

My closet can be summarized in one word: Meh.
I read this article where the author suggests we only keep things that "spark joy" and if you apply that to my wardrobe I will be left with two pairs of jeans that only fit on good days and maybe a scarf.

It raises the question of how on earth I ended up with a closet filled to the brim with pieces of clothing I don't necessarily enjoy - and the answer to that is sales. I always shop the sales. I mean, sure, this blazer is purple and it doesn't go with any other item I own and I don't even like wearing blazers because it's not a good look for me but holy crap only 19.90, from the original price of 79.90! Yep, story of my life. Blazer is in the trash now, along with two garbage bags of clothes that should not have made it into my closet in the first place.

I now have a significantly whittled-down wardrobe, after a month-long purge in which everything that made me feel just the slightest bit frumpy when worn went straight to the trash pile. In a way it was a question of why I would force myself to wear things I only remotely like when I could be wearing my favorites everyday. In the next couple of months I am going to be working on a capsule wardrobe of sorts, because I'm really liking the idea of having a "uniform". The goal is to look effortless but put-together. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, my Christmas vacation has officially begun. Happy holidays, everyone. ^^

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  1. The struggle is real. I've de-stashed last year, only to replace the things I gave away. Guh, hoarder. :))