Chasing Planes Day 6: There are Good Days, and there are Great Days

Side note: I'm really terrible at this, aren't I? But better late than never, I guess?

Most vacation days don't turn out perfect, but there are those times when things just fall into place. Like my hair, for instance.

I've been trying for years - years! - to curl it with a flat iron, to no avail. But that morning, I was somehow able to coax it into submission. I haven't been able to replicate this feat since, so I'm convinced that this was a singular case of the universe being nice.

Kitchen Misadventures: Pork Belly Sisig

Sisig is traditionally made with various bits and pieces from a pig's head (including the brain - that's what makes it creamy) but I have neither the skills nor the willpower to deal with random porcine parts so I had to make do with what was readily available in these parts - pork belly.

The Minimalist Project

In a rare moment of clarity, I realized I have gone from envying people with a lot of things to being extremely jealous of those who consciously live with less.

Right now, there is nothing more appealing to me than the idea of a well-edit closet, shoe cabinet, makeup drawer, everything. I have been spending way too much time and energy accumulating, maintaining, and organizing collections upon collections of things that to be honest add very little value to my day-to-day existence, and this has to stop.

For years this blog was almost exclusively about whatever newfangled thing I managed to unearth from the bowels of the discount bins at the mall. But now maybe it could also be about the things I have gotten rid of because they made no sense.

Don't get me wrong, the end goal is not to fit my entire life in a backpack, nor do I wish to live in an empty room with nothing but a stool. I still like owning things. But for each well-loved possession there are nine others that were purchased simply because they were there and I could afford them.

I actually started something similar earlier this year, but slowly but surely I fell back to my old ways. This time, this time, I'm going to make it work, and I'll be tracking my progress here to keep me in line.

Wish me luck.