Friday Favorites: Bellroy

I actually discovered this brand while shopping for a Christmas gift for le boyfriend, and quite predictably I ended up wanting one for myself. Or in this case, two.

Bellroy Passport Sleeve and Note Sleeve, in the yummiest tan color

Bellroy is a line of minimalist leather wallets and they have expanded to other accessories as well. The company is based in Australia, and from what I can tell (and from the reviews online) they seem to have very well-crafted products.

Bellroy Passport Sleeve

I'm usually not a big fan of passport sleeves because they're just too cumbersome to remove, which I am often required to do when passing through immigration, as well as the automated clearance terminals in Changi airport. This one, however, is very fuss-free - you just slide your passport in - and it even has this very nifty tab so you can pull it out with ease.

It also comes with a teeny tiny pen, and while not the most wonderful thing to write with, it has saved my ass a couple of times (it is a known fact that pens always find a way to disappear into the abyss that is my travel bag).

Bellroy Note Sleeve

I have to say this is such a refreshing change from the typical gigantic women's wallet. It occupies hardly any space in my bag, and even fits inside my jeans pocket, and it holds just as many things. Well, except for coins, but I'm willing to trade that in for not having a wallet the size of Jupiter.

It also comfortably holds a ten thousand yen bill, which is the largest I know of, so other currencies shouldn't be a problem. The Note Sleeve can supposedly hold up to ten cards, but I don't normally carry more than five; I like to keep it slim and compact. Hopefully the leather ages well; I guess we'll see in a couple of months.

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