Hydrocolloid Patches

Or, that wonderful acne product nobody seems to talk about.
Seriously, why have I only heard of this now? They're a godsend.

I've been struggling with a particularly vicious bout of acne for months now. Most of it my own doing  - whenever my skin showed even the slightest sign of getting better I immediately pounce on the chance to introduce a new skincare item and voila, breakout. I've been down this road more times than I could count, but I'm a stubborn, stupid little brat.

The (mildly) silver lining is that I now have a collection of products that break me out, and after going through their ingredients - all meticulously documented in an Excel file, natch - I at least have more insight on what my skin likes and what makes it go berserk. True enough once I stopped bombarding my skin with problematic products it started calming down a bit.

I still have the active breakouts to deal with, and this is particularly difficult for me because I'm a compulsive picker. I know, I know, it's horrible. And you should never ever pick on pimples. EverBut I think my lack of emotional quotient has been very well-established in this blog, so whatever little help I can get I will take, and these hydrocolloid bandages have been immensely helpful.

They're traditionally used for surgical wounds and such, absorbing the pus and oil and keeping the surroundings moist to aid in healing. Some genius figured this would work for popped pimples as well, and they are available custom-cut into tiny circles and labeled "acne patches".

So now whenever I "accidentally" pop a pimple, I simply stick one on top of the cleansed area, and the next day instead of a scabby wound just begging to be picked at, there lies a flat, red spot. Bonus: not only is it non-pickable, it's infinitely easier to conceal, too. Of course it would've been better if it disappeared entirely, but, well, it's not magic. But hey, it's close enough. I'll take it.

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