The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: John Frieda Frizz Ease 6 Effects Serum

I picked this up as a possible replacement for my Kerastase Ciment Thermique, just because the latter is turning out to be too expensive for a daily heat protectant. I didn't have particularly high hopes for it, seeing as it costs less than half of the Kerastase, and I have tried similar products with very little success.

The Good
+ Check, check, and four more checks for all the six effects. With the crazy humidity in this country it takes practically a miracle to eliminate frizz, and this little bottle comes close.
+ It's a very effective heat protectant. I subject my hair to heat styling every single day, which is not really a good thing, I know, but it must be done. But when I got my hair colored the stylist said my tresses are looking healthy, and that is all thanks to this serum.
+ You only need a miniscule amount. I've had this for a month and I've barely made a dent.

The Bad
+ It can be a bit greasy if you use too much (and given how little you're supposed to use, it's very easy to overindulge). I also don't think it would work if you want a lot of volume.
+ The bottle gets unlocked easily - traveling with it is a recipe for disaster.
+ You can't use it on dry hair. Unless the look you're going for is grease pit.

The Ugly
+ If your hair is in contact with your face a lot, it can be pore-clogging. Pffffft.

TL;DR: Awesome, awesome product, but keep your hair away from your face.

Speaking of hair, I recently got mine colored (after a year, mon dieu!), so I'm sneaking in a photo :p

Ignore the derpy face; you know I suck at this x.x
It took forever before the stylist and I could agree on an appropriate shade - I was adamant on not having orange hair - and after we finally did, I asked her if she could maybe "make it a bit more red"? It's a miracle I left the salon alive, with my hair still attached to my scalp, and in the exact color I wanted. She also suggested I change my hair part to the other side of my face, which is incredibly annoying but I have to admit it does look better. Let's see how long it lasts. ^^

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