Kitchen Misadventures: Stuffed Squid

Not gonna lie, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out. And it's pretty easy, too!

I don't cook squid a lot because it can be very unforgiving when overcooked by mere seconds. But after running out of protein options in the grocery I thought I'd experiment a bit (I was also secure in the knowledge that there is a can of spam in our pantry, so there is no going hungry should things go awry).

First, I cleaned the squid and marinated it in a mixture of lemon juice and soy sauce. For the stuffing I chopped a tomato, half an onion, and a couple of chillies. I also added some chopped galangal, which is a sort of Thai ginger-but-not-quite. It came with one of those Tom Yum vegetable packets, along with a few stalks of lemongrass which I split lengthwise and inserted into the squid cavity as well.

I then placed the stuffed squid into an aluminum foil packet, together with a knob of butter and the marinade. This went into the pre-heated air fryer for about six minutes, after which I opened the packets so the squid can brown and the liquid can reduce, and let it broil for ten more minutes.

Et voila, lunch is served.
The only thing I would change for next time is to maybe buy more squid. ^^

The Current Obsession: Tan

I'm definitely in a tan leather phase at the moment.

Clockwise from top left:
Corso Como Boots | Aldo Flats | Madewell Transport Tote
Mango Coin Purse | Uniqlo Belt | Bellroy Passport Holder | Bellroy Note Sleeve

I think it started with this bag from Zara, which I relentlessly stalked but never managed to get my hands on:

And then I turned to the Meli Melo bag, also discovered via Olivia Palermo, whom I hated on The City (yes, I watched the show) but whose sartorial choices for schlepping stuff I cannot fault one bit.

Anyway, I've been at it (the tan leather acquisition, not the Olivia Palermo stalking) for more than a year now, and showing no signs of abating. I am currently on the hunt for a mid-sized bag (that Madewell Transport tote is huge), and I have my eyes on the Chloe Medium Marcie (but unfortunately, not the budget for it).

It's a pretty old design (which just goes to show how on trend I am) that somehow grew on me because I don't remember liking it when it first came out. I doubt I'll be getting my hands on it any time soon, but ah well, a girl can dream.

Weddings: More Fun in the Philippines

"Your friends sure love to have beach weddings," remarked one colleague, after I got back from a quick weekend getaway. Indeed, they do. I have four sets of friends who decided to tie the knot in Bohol, alone. But could you blame them, though?

The steady progression that is my high school friends getting hitched one after the other continues, and this time it's Maymay's turn, and there's simply no way I was going to miss it, because it was bound to be... interesting ;p.

Chasing Planes Day 8: Ja ne! ^^

So this appeared on my Timehop today.

And that was how I realized it's been an entire year since my Japan trip. Good heavens.

The return trip to reality is never fun, if not utterly depressing. Ours was an early flight, and so I waved goodbye to Japan in a hurry, with bleary eyes and hastily curled hair (how I found the time, I'll never know). Thankfully I managed to keep myself awake for the first leg of the flight (waiting for the food, no doubt), because minutes into it the captain announced that we shall be passing over Mt. Fuji. I could not have imagined a better farewell gift.

Tokyo, to me, remains to be equal parts foreign and familiar. It's never going to be home, but I take immense comfort in knowing I can always drop by and visit. ^^

Bullet Point Mondays

  • Mondays are for wearing newfangled stuff - to start the week right and all that -  and today that happens to be a blue top (I'm having a love affair with navy at the moment) and black skinny pants. And so the whole day was littered with comments about my white and gold outfit. Heh. (For the record that godforsaken dress was black and blue to me, and everyone else in the office was convinced I was either trolling or completely colorblind). 

  • So I got side-printed keycaps for my mechanical keyboard off ebay, and I installed them today during my lunchbreak and they are awesome. As the name suggests, instead of having the letters printed on top, they're on the side, so from the top they all look blank. Plus there is the advantage of the letters not rubbing off or getting dingy (I've always been able to tell what letters I punch in more often by their change in hue after a few months or so). Very cool.