Bullet Point Mondays

  • Mondays are for wearing newfangled stuff - to start the week right and all that -  and today that happens to be a blue top (I'm having a love affair with navy at the moment) and black skinny pants. And so the whole day was littered with comments about my white and gold outfit. Heh. (For the record that godforsaken dress was black and blue to me, and everyone else in the office was convinced I was either trolling or completely colorblind). 

  • So I got side-printed keycaps for my mechanical keyboard off ebay, and I installed them today during my lunchbreak and they are awesome. As the name suggests, instead of having the letters printed on top, they're on the side, so from the top they all look blank. Plus there is the advantage of the letters not rubbing off or getting dingy (I've always been able to tell what letters I punch in more often by their change in hue after a few months or so). Very cool.

  • The... uh... boys toys are a gift from my sister last Christmas. I guess that makes me a Bayern München fan (no, Maymay, that is not N'Sync). The truth is as far as sports teams are concerned I'm like a duckling - I imprint on the first team I watch and in the world of football that happens to be Die Nationalmannschaft, most of whom are playing for FCBayern in the Bundesliga. 
  • I have always been a fan of Monday night shopping, and last week I scored a jackpot at the SK-II counter in Tangs VivoCity. First, I finally managed to get a magic ring analysis. I don't know how accurate it is or if any of it is even real, but you guys, my skin age is twenty-effing-four. Let me have my moment. 

I also got a crapton of samples and while I do not fancy my entire skincare regimen being all SK-II stuff (that would be like the fastest path to bankruptcy) I've never been one to complain about free things, especially since I only bought a tiny bottle of the FTE and the CC cream which was a purchase with purchase.

  • I found this wooden crate in Daiso, and realized it is the perfect container for my skincare stuff. 

  • And finally, for some good vibes, as this is shaping up to be a harrowing week:

Not gonna lie, I must've watched this about twenty times the last couple of days, and that's a conservative estimate. I don't even know how I came upon it (YouTube works in mysterious ways). I also didn't know Chris O'Dowd but after this video he is now my favorite person ever.

Have a great week, everyone. ^^

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