Chasing Planes Day 8: Ja ne! ^^

So this appeared on my Timehop today.

And that was how I realized it's been an entire year since my Japan trip. Good heavens.

The return trip to reality is never fun, if not utterly depressing. Ours was an early flight, and so I waved goodbye to Japan in a hurry, with bleary eyes and hastily curled hair (how I found the time, I'll never know). Thankfully I managed to keep myself awake for the first leg of the flight (waiting for the food, no doubt), because minutes into it the captain announced that we shall be passing over Mt. Fuji. I could not have imagined a better farewell gift.

Tokyo, to me, remains to be equal parts foreign and familiar. It's never going to be home, but I take immense comfort in knowing I can always drop by and visit. ^^

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