Kitchen Misadventures: Stuffed Squid

Not gonna lie, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out. And it's pretty easy, too!

I don't cook squid a lot because it can be very unforgiving when overcooked by mere seconds. But after running out of protein options in the grocery I thought I'd experiment a bit (I was also secure in the knowledge that there is a can of spam in our pantry, so there is no going hungry should things go awry).

First, I cleaned the squid and marinated it in a mixture of lemon juice and soy sauce. For the stuffing I chopped a tomato, half an onion, and a couple of chillies. I also added some chopped galangal, which is a sort of Thai ginger-but-not-quite. It came with one of those Tom Yum vegetable packets, along with a few stalks of lemongrass which I split lengthwise and inserted into the squid cavity as well.

I then placed the stuffed squid into an aluminum foil packet, together with a knob of butter and the marinade. This went into the pre-heated air fryer for about six minutes, after which I opened the packets so the squid can brown and the liquid can reduce, and let it broil for ten more minutes.

Et voila, lunch is served.
The only thing I would change for next time is to maybe buy more squid. ^^

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