Bullet Point Mondays: Hallo from Deutschland

It's nine in the evening where I am right now and I'm struggling to keep myself awake and get my body clock up to speed (this got posted way later though thanks to the sluggish hotel internet - yet another thing I'm struggling with).

Home for the next two weeks

  • So I'm on a short business trip to Germany. Still very miffed about missing our family vacation but I'm trying to make the best of it (also I'm trying not to cry so I don't dwell on it too much).
  • I flew with Lufthansa, the parent company of German Wings. Before the plane took off the captain announced that they implemented the two-person policy in the cockpit, and when we landed, they thanked us "for your confidence in us". Read: We are not suicidal, see?. On the one hand I feel bad that they even have to say this at all, but on the other hand what happened to that plane was scary shit. How cute are the snacks, though?

Pretzel clouds and Plane cookies

  • During the first twenty minutes of a twelve-hour flight I spilled Coke all over myself. Fun. Thank goodness I brought extra socks.
  • I watched football on the plane, because it's how I deal with my fear of flying now. I also saw Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which I surprisingly liked. I also tried watching Gravity, but I found it so hard to focus on anything but Matthew McConaughey's skin. The dude is ORANGE.

The hotel's breakfast spread. Two weeks of this, guys. I'm praying my trousers still fit by the end of it all.

  • First things out of the suitcase: skincare ^^

  • Easter Monday is still a holiday in these parts, so I'm off to Frankfurt later and hopefully there is at least one shop open.
  • Last but not least, my Kindle broke *sniff*. I'm still hoping there's still a firmware patch that would fix it, but it has been four years and Blackie Leithold has served me well. Say hello to Schatzi. 

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