... have been topsy-turvy lately, but in a really good way.

I had the good fortune of being able to re-visit Switzerland, having one weekend to myself during my business trip.

It's impossible to set foot in this country and not be enthralled. The entire weekend I alternated between being dumbstruck and annoyed (that I do not live here).

The business trip itself is action-packed as well, culminating in an activity I did not expect to engage in together with a couple of forty-something German colleagues: go-karting.

Well I guess if I'm being honest, it is an activity I did not expect to engage in at all. For one, I don't drive. And apart from that, I don't drive. But now I guess I can say I went driving in Germany, and lived to tell the tale. Heh. Seriously though. I am so proud of the fact that I did not die.

The photo betrays the crazy conversation I'm having with myself in an attempt to calm down. To be fair, I did have a couple of zen moments where I remember thinking to myself "hey, this isn't so bad, see?". And then a car slammed into mine from behind and I went careening across the track, spinning at full speed, Mario Kart style (you know, when you get hit by the stupid turtle shell).

I can't say if this is something I'd do again (I also suck at it; supremely so), but I'm glad I went through with it, and did not end up causing physical harm to any of my colleagues (and more importantly, my boss :p).

I also feel I should mention that there is an abundance of rump steak consumption during this business trip, and remembering all that awesomeness is making me a tad bit depressed right now. Few things make me happier than an unadorned, but perfectly cooked slab of meat. Hmnmnmnm.

And to cap off this rather eventful business trip, I got upgraded to premium economy in my flight back to Singapore (we engineers do not fly business, sadly). It's the shallowest thing in the world but I've always dreamed of getting upgraded in a long-haul flight, and it finally happened. And it was pure luck, too, as I checked-in via those do-it-yourself kiosks, so vielen dank, Lufthansa. ^^

A couple of days after I got back the boyfriend decided to drop by for more than a couple of days, and we ended up booking an impromptu vacation at Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

It was a ten-hour bus ride from Singapore, but the pleasantly cool weather and the wonderful view more than made up for it.

Thankfully we got there before everyone else did, and for at least two days we were able to enjoy the peace and quiet. By the time we left the place has morphed into one giant palengke, complete with traffic and hordes of screaming children. It was probably the first time I was glad my vacation has come to an end.

Oh, and I saved the best for last.

I knew I found the perfect man when he went out into the rain to get me a porkchop bun after I threw a tantrum in Macau (on a related note, he told me he was worried I would eat all the mentos before he even had a chance to propose, which was embarrassingly likely). ^^

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