Bullet Point Mondays: What I've Been Loving Lately

Travel Wear: Skinny jeans + Plimsolls + Giant Scarf slash Blanket
  • I'm having a love affair with huge scarves (that can double as blankets) at the moment; there is just something so immensely comforting about wrapping yourself in fluff. I also tend to get really cold easily, and we all know how crazy the air conditioning can get here in the tropics. The burgundy one is from Etsy, and I wore it to death back when I was in Germany. Nearly lost it too, and was in the brink of ordering a new one when it suddenly materialized under the hotel bed, thank heavens. The blue and green one I picked off the sales rack in New Look, and it is now a permanent fixture in my airport carry-on kit. 
  • I think plimsolls are the perfect airport footwear: they're comfy enough for sprinting across terminals (in case you inadvertently go to the wrong one like I do, half the time), they keep your feet warm and cozy (much more so than ballet flats), and they're easy enough to slip on and off as you sometimes have to during security scans (I once made the mistake of going through Frankfurt airport security in knee-high boots - never again). My sister gives me a lot of grief about getting them, because once upon a time she wanted to buy a pair and I told her they looked "pang-lolo".
  • I am also glad that white sneakers are making a comeback. Back in college they were all I wore (with denim miniskirts, natch). The pair I have on in the middle photo is from Keds, and they're like a comfier, slightly chunkier version of the classic white Chucks.

P.S. Clark airport is the best airport. Zero traffic, and only five minutes to clear immigration. And very maaliwalas (I don't know how this translates to English. Clear? Breezy? Bright?)

Wedding Guest Makeup v2.0 (Warning: derpy face ahead)
  • I attended yet another friend's wedding last week, and on a whim decided to give falsies a try. I've kinda just given up on them because I simply could not get the hang of putting them on after years of practice. I don't know what came over me this time, but for some reason I was overcome with a firm belief that it could be done. So I bought a pack of Dollywink lashes (No. 21) and a tube of dark lash adhesive (Duo) and by some miracle I was able to wrangle them on.
  • False lashes, I feel, have the most significant impact as far as eye makeup is concerned, especially if you have hooded eyes like me - you can blend eyeshadow for years and years and it would hardly make a difference unless you walk around with your eyes closed. These in particular are easier to put on because they only cover three quarters of the lashline. What I also found to be especially useful is to wait for a good sixty seconds for the glue to dry - I actually used my phone's countdown timer so I can't "cheat" and count faster to hurry things along.
  • I would also like to mention that Shu Uemura skin:FIT foundation (first impressions here), while drying when used daily, is an absolute godsend for special events and such. It took two minutes to apply, did not have to be set with powder, and wore beautifully until the end of the day. Very very very pleased. Like seriously, if you're on the market for a foundation, this should be high up in your list. Except if you have really dry skin. 
  • In a similar vein, I have also found that the secret to lasting curls is second-day hair, dry shampoo, and tons of hairspray. And the Babyliss Miracurl, of course. It is very tiring to do an entire head of hair though (the thing is heavy!), and I don't even have a lot to begin with!

Last but not least: Brows
I have been remiss on my brow-grooming duties for months now. The reason is two-fold: (1) I really hate getting my brows threaded - I would rather go through five Brazilian waxes than one threading session; and (2) I am down to my last prepaid session at Browhaus so I just know I'll be getting the whole fucking spiel again once I go back there. It's the most annoying thing. Who in their right mind pays for twelve brow threading sessions upfront?!? Me, that's who. It was the price to pay just to have my brows threaded in peace. This was also how I ended up getting an SM Advantage Card because my goodness would they not shut up about it. Anyway, the thought of being pressured into buying yet another multiple brow-threading package stressed me out so much that I decided, screw it, I'll just go look for something else and that was how I ended up in this tiny salon in Little India. It was very no-nonsense: you come in (no appointments), you get seated, expertly threaded (no tears, you guys, no tears!), your brows get wiped with a bit of rosewater and you proceed to the counter to pay. And get this - it's only 7 dollars! I did not get any irritation or breakouts as well, so I'm definitely going back. Let us not speak of brow-threading packages ever again.

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