First Impressions: Shu Uemura skin:FIT foundation

A year of walking to work under the scorching heat of the sun has left my face at least one shade darker. Unfortunately this also meant I no longer have a shade match in my favorite foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear Light).

And so my hunt for a new base led me to this. I've never been successful with Shu Uemura products, but I was intrigued by the bi-phase formula - I haven't seen anything similar from other brands. I normally don't buy things without a fair bit of googling but as this was only recently launched it was hard to find reviews that did not read "press release". I did try it in-store and liked it enough to purchase and so here we are.

Product Blurb:
experience a new bare skin look that stays refreshed for up to 12h.
shu uemura’s first innovative bi-phase, oil-free formula keeps the skin sweat
and oil resistant with a sheer and soft matte finish that last all day.

The Good:
+ It is very lightweight, but with ample coverage. I could even use it for pinpoint concealing (with a teensy tiny brush).
+ Decent colormatch (I'm using 754 medium beige).
+ No need to set with powder! I actually found that adding powder on top makes it all cakey.
+ It wears beautifully throughout the day - it's as hulas-proof as they come, even in oh-so-humid Singapore.
+ It comes with a dual-sided sponge to facilitate easier application. It really does apply the foundation better, even compared to a beauty blender.
+ The frosted minimalist bottle is pretty and compact (I really hate it when foundations come in giant bottles that contain a mere 30mL - it's misleading).

The Bad:
+ It clings to dry patches - face must be very well-prepped and moisturized prior to application.
+ The finish is more matte than I would have liked for a product that promises a "bare skin look".
+ It dries pretty quickly so you have to work fast during application.
+ I personally would not build it up to more than two layers.
+ I wish it came with extra sponges because I don't think it will last with regular washing (and it should be regularly washed)

The Ugly:
+ It has a tendency to oxidize - a swatch on my arm  turned orange in a matter of minutes, but my face stayed the same (thank goodness). At any rate I think it would be wise to walk around a bit before deciding on a particular shade to avoid the oompa loompa effect.
+ It's quite drying. After a week of daily wear, I started getting tiny bumps and rashes which is usually my skin's way of telling me to hydrate. I would imagine this would work better with oily skin.

TL;DR: Great, but not for everyday.

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