Mid-Year Progress Report

I really ought to have included "update blog regularly" in this year's goals, no? Pffft.

Goal #1: Go someplace new.
Does Cameron Highlands count? :p
I am planning to go someplace in the fall, though.

Goal #2: Read at least one book a month.
I am surprisingly on track here. This month it's Of Mice and Men. I've been avoiding John Steinbeck after having to labor through Grapes of Wrath in high school, but now I'm in this phase where I'm revisiting all my required reading because I might finally have the maturity to actually enjoy them.

Goal #3: Create a capsule wardrobe.
Getting there! I do feel that my closet as a whole is more cohesive, and for the most part I have stopped buying things that do not make sense. I still feel like I lack a few key pieces, but I'm trying to spring for quality over mere availability so I'm taking my time.

Goal #4: Learn something new.
I signed up for the next level German courses, and I'm also planning to learn Japanese on my own. Would've wanted to dabble in a new programming language as well, but I'm trying to be realistic here. Probably when I'm done with German.

Goal #5: Have a better grip on my finances.
Am I tracking them better? Yes.
Am I handling them better? Hmnmnmnmn.

Goal #6: Yoga
I'm changing this to Pilates. Primarily because I signed up for Pilates sessions at work, and realized how much I enjoyed it, and am now looking for studios in Singapore so I can continue practicing after the company-sponsored classes end.

Goal #7: Simplify.
Oh good grief. I confess I may have relapsed into clutter once again. But I have six more months to make it work, so... auf geht's!

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