Shopping Fast: Month One

I will preface this by saying that it was definitely not a resounding success. But I would like to think it's not a complete failure either.

For starters, it wasn't the smartest decision to begin a shopping fast right smack in the middle of the Great Singapore Sale season, and the amount of crazy discounts I had to walk away from was immense. So I guess even if I did buy more than one item this month, I at least still showed some semblance of self-control, and I just have to build on that in the months to come. I have also managed to refocus all my window shopping energy into working out, which is nothing but a win-win situation for me - a little bit healthier, a wee bit skinnier, maybe even a tiny bit richer.

So this was supposed to be my one purchase this month.
I'm trying to move towards sturdier, better-quality jewelry, and after my last fifty-peso pearl studs fell apart getting a new pair seemed like a good idea. These are Elsa Peretti teardrop hoops, and I got them secondhand from Style Tribute. It was my first time, buying used, and I was a bit anxious as first, especially since there was a bit of a screw-up with my order that took more than a couple of follow-ups to resolve. Apart from that, I was worried that the silver would arrive tarnished beyond recognition and my newfangled jewelry-cleaning skills wouldn't be able to save them. But I am happy to report that they arrived in very good condition, and after a bit of polishing looked good as new. Very pleased.

I wasn't supposed to get anything else, and honestly I had no plans to until Abe the Enabler came to visit me for a weekend. Tsk tsk.
It wasn't too bad at first. Just a slim belt, which brings the number of belts I own to a grand total of two and would probably save the belt loops of a couple of my pants from overstretching, and a black +J blazer from Uniqlo, which is something I am going to be needing soon.

And then Abe suddenly decides that he wants to "get me something" and so this happened.
It's technically a gift, I guess, but ultimately I was the one who picked it out. I really love it, though, and it's been getting a lot of use, so there has been absolutely no regrets on my end.

There are also a couple of skincare stuff, but these all fall within the parameters of the shopping fast exceptions (i.e. they're all replacements):
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I'm perpetually paranoid of my skincare stuff going rancid, so I always get the smallest bottles to ensure that I periodically get a fresh batch. A 75mL bottle lasts about five months for me with daily use.
Curel Intensive Moisture Cream. Bought to replace my MAC Serum, which I love but is unfortunately not hydrating enough for the current state of my skin. Liking it so far (fingers crossed).
Kiehl's Deodorant. While not exactly superbly efficient, I find that this layers nicely with my normal deodorant and together they give better results. It's a bit pricey, but that huge tube seemed to last forever (more than a year, I think!). I have, quite predictably, decided to go with the smaller size this time.
Nuxe Reve de Miel. Alternating this with Carmex, just so my lips don't get used to just one type of lipbalm.

Last but not least, I also bought a crapton of sports things - tops and yoga pants and face towels and stuff - which are technically allowed, but now I think I have enough so no more additional purchases from this point forward unless I increase my workout frequency to more than three times a week (in which case I would need to buy extra sets).

So it's not too bad, yes?  But with so much room for improvement, of course. Let's see how well I do next month.

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