Shopping Fast: Month Two

When I started this project, I thought that the best way to go about it was to avoid temptation by not going to the mall. That, however, proved impossible in Singapore, unless I confine myself within the boundaries of the home and the office.

I don't think I even managed to reduce my window-shopping excursions - in fact they might have been more frequent because I have to go through several malls to get home from my Barre classes - but in hindsight I actually find mall visits to be a non-factor, which is kinda surprising, no?

As it turns out, asking the question "do I really want this to be my only purchase this month?" is a good way to send a prospective purchase flying right back into the shelf. All those mental gymnastic skills I have developed trying to convince myself that I simply must buy something have now been refocused into doing the exact opposite. It's kinda nice. ^^

I did end up getting two things this month, but only because I had some credit card rewards to use up.

First is the Dior Nude Air Serum, which I figured would make a good everyday foundation; and since I had some credits left I also got the Tom Ford brow sculptor because I've heard good things, and the prospect of using only a single product for my brows is very intriguing to me. I'm still in the process of figuring out how I feel about them, but so far so good.

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