Well that was a longer hiatus than I would have liked, but October was a crazy, crazy month that began with flitting about in four countries and culminated in a move to a fifth. So... yeah.

First was a quick business trip to Deutschland, which is always wonderful. This time around I decided to confine myself to nearby cities, (it did not seem wise to cross borders given the refugee situation at the time), and so one fine weekend I made my way to Heidelberg. You know, from the Rizal poem with the flowers.
After making good progress going through the main tourist attractions (as is typical of European cities, it involves a castle, a bridge, and a church), I got distracted by a lady nibbling on some Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes served with apple sauce on a wafer "plate") and, as embarrassing as it is to admit, spent the entire afternoon flitting from one food stall to the next, and by the time I was done (read: in a food coma) it was time to go home.
My favorite discovery is the German version of a porkchop bun. Like the Macanese version that will always have a special place in my heart, it is literally a slab of pork wedged into a bun. The only difference is it's as big as my head.
I managed to score another serving in Frankfurt, right before my flight, so I can say with absolute certainty that I left that country with a huge smile on my face.

Next stop: Bali, for my (ex)flatmate Mela's wedding (yes, we're Mela and Ella). It was very hastily planned (our trip, not the wedding - the wedding was gorgeous and the food was equally awesome), but since we've been there before Abe and I figured we'll take it easy (read: we slept the entire time).
My only goal for the trip was to get a load of that awesome, awesome roasted corn Bali is famous for (at least in my mind, because that's the only thing I remember from our initial trip), and that was the first thing we looked for the moment we arrived at Kuta. I still have no idea what magic concoction they baste the corn with but oh my goodness it's so good.

And then it was one last lap around Singapore, in a last-ditch attempt to try out all the hipster cafes that have been sprouting like mushrooms near our apartment (for which there will be a separate post; there are simply too many), with a quick weekend trip home sneaked in for good measure.
I landed a few days after my hometown was ravaged by yet another typhoon, and I was confronted by the sight of our entire province buried in inches of mud. But my family is safe, my friends are fine, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Everything else, we can replace. Also by some sort of miracle our rice plants emerged very pristine and ready for harvest.

And finally, as the month was about to end, I found myself schlepping four giant suitcases to the JAL check-in counter at Changi airport.
By the time November rolled in, I was officially in a (not so) new country.

Hallo Yokohama. Let's be friends. ^^

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