Five Things

{Calbee Yuzu-Chili Potato Chips}

So, so very good, and now I can't find it anywhere. Damn seasonal flavors.


I've seen more baumkuchen in Yokohama alone than in a Weihnachtsmarkt. I even won one as a consolation prize in our office Christmas party. It's good, but I cannot for the life of me understand why it is such a big deal in these parts. I feel the exact same way about Tokyo Banana.

{Guess the Product}

The only characters I can decipher say "Toilet". And then you have a car, no water, and two people with an urgent need to pee (quite an accurate rendering, I must say). Found in the section with the emergency kits and things, so I guess that somewhat clues you in as to whatever this is for. I wonder what that white powder does, though (probably not the smartest thing to keep in the glove compartment, no?).

{Make Your Own Cup Noodles}

The Cup Noodle Museum is a ten-minute walk from the flat. There's not a lot to see (there is only so much you can say about instant noodles, after all), but you can make your own cup noodles - you get to design the cup and select the soup base and toppings. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would (and Abe doubly so - it took him almost half an hour to finish "designing" his cup whilst I being the creative genius that I am merely colored in the letters and signed my name). It was 800 yen well spent (500 for the entrance, 300 for the DIY cup noodles).

{"Mischief" Coin Bank}

This is a gift, but I needed to "test" it, yes?
Will definitely get the panda when it's back in stock.
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