Minato Mirai 21

So I've been living here for a month now. An entire month. It's kinda nuts.

Minato Mirai feels like that one corner of Sim City that you always keep pristine and pretty - full of gleaming high rises, picturesque buildings, and a giant Ferris Wheel thrown in for good measure.

And to think I was initially opposed to living here - the agent in charge of arranging my accommodations only recommended one option, and because I have become jaded after dealing with one too many failed rentals I was naturally apprehensive (and maybe a bit suspicious). Thankfully my fears were unfounded because I am utterly smitten with my apartment. I often find myself wanting to hug my kitchen (and maybe I have).

Having lived (comfortably, may I add) in studios just a wee bit larger than a shoebox, this flat feels like an overabundance of space. For Japan, most especially. And with a grocery in the next building, a park right across, and a network of malls a stone's throw away, it's hard to find fault in the location.

A couple more minutes of walking and you're in AkaRenga, the Red Brick Warehouse (now a mall), a welcome sight after all that steel and glass.

Life's been good, and I am grateful.

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