What I've Been Loving Lately: House Things

Back to (ir)regular programming ;p

I have gone from "OMG this apartment is so awesome" to "who in his right mind would place the only full-length mirror in the house in the bathroom in front of the shower" (seriously, who?) so I guess it's safe to say that the honeymoon phase with the new flat is over. I still love it to bits though. And while I still have a long list of things to do before I can say I've settled down completely (and by that time I'm probably about to leave), it feels more and more like home everyday.

Dansk coffee mugs

My apartment came with a pair of white, nondescript mugs, which I like but they hold such a paltry amount of coffee that it gets cold almost immediately. It took me three weeks to get bigger ones because these days I've been so picky. I think it comes with the whole "minimalist" territory, i.e. if this mug is the only mug I'm getting then it better be perfect. It's annoying and very frustrating, but it has done a good job of keeping me from accumulating stuff.

I found these mugs in the outlet store in Torihama. I am unfamiliar with the brand, but they do have a lot of very pretty enameled cookware (which I am also tempted to get). I've always wanted a red coffee mug, thanks to years of watching Nescafe commercials, and quite predictably I got a white one as well. They hold a good amount of liquid, and the handles are surprisingly ergonomic.

My Kitchen Drawer

Surprise! It's a grill!

I am told it's a common feature of Japanese kitchens. It's technically a broiler, with a heating element on both the top and bottom. The best part is once you slam it shut all the smoke goes straight to the ventilation system - I can now cook pork belly without smelling it on my clothes for days.

Naturally I inaugurated it with twice-cooked adobo (wrapped in shiso leaves because we're fancy like that) and it performed superbly. It works for roasted veggies as well, and for reheating random deep-fried things from the depachika.

Laundry Gel Balls

Granted, measuring out the proper amount of detergent for a load of laundry is not rocket science, but there is just something so immensely satisfying when you chuck in that gel ball and call it a day. Plus they are so cute and squishy! And they smell awesome too :)

Spiced Apple Cider

Whenever I drink apple cider I think of Prague, that one time I ducked into a random cafe to escape from the cold winter rain.

I got this from Dean & Deluca, and while I'm sure it's nowhere close to apple cider made from scratch, it's perfect for lazy winter nights when I'm all bundled up in the couch watching Animal Planet - all I have to do is boil some water, mix in a bit of syrup, and hmnmnmnmnm instant comfort <3

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