Kitchen Misadventures: Air Fryer Adobo

Ask almost any Filipino and they will tell you that there is no greater adobo than their mother's. Or grandmother's. I am, of course, no different. My lola used to make chicken adobo with premature chicken eggs (i.e. still inside the chicken and devoid of a shell) which sounds weird but it's actually awesome, and one time she made a batch for me to bring to the dorm and I asked my brother, that rotten little twerp, to hold it for all of ten seconds and he ate half of it!!! I'm pretty sure I would've murdered him if my parents weren't around. Even the memory of it makes me furious.


I have yet to replicate the family recipe. Over the holidays I tried asking my mother about it, but she explained that it is best cooked in a palayok (clay pot) over charcoal, with a particular type of vinegar that is of course not commercially available. So I have no choice but to make do with what is available to me.

Chasing Planes Day 7: My Happy Place

I've had a particularly harrowing day at work today, so I thought it would be a good idea to blog about the one place in Japan that is guaranteed to make me happy: Sea Paradise.

Hydrocolloid Patches

Or, that wonderful acne product nobody seems to talk about.
Seriously, why have I only heard of this now? They're a godsend.

Friday Favorites: Bellroy

I actually discovered this brand while shopping for a Christmas gift for le boyfriend, and quite predictably I ended up wanting one for myself. Or in this case, two.

Bellroy Passport Sleeve and Note Sleeve, in the yummiest tan color

Bellroy is a line of minimalist leather wallets and they have expanded to other accessories as well. The company is based in Australia, and from what I can tell (and from the reviews online) they seem to have very well-crafted products.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: John Frieda Frizz Ease 6 Effects Serum

I picked this up as a possible replacement for my Kerastase Ciment Thermique, just because the latter is turning out to be too expensive for a daily heat protectant. I didn't have particularly high hopes for it, seeing as it costs less than half of the Kerastase, and I have tried similar products with very little success.

Monday (Cherry MX) Blues

It began while I was shopping for a gift for my brother. I was browsing the gaming section of the electronics store, in search for a mouse that costs less than his college tuition. There were some mechanical gaming keyboards out on display, and I tried a couple, for curiosity's sake.


And down the rabbit hole I go.