Wedding Bits and Pieces

If it were all up to me, the wedding will be held at the Gesu, and then we all go down (from the hill ;p) and have lunch at Ken Afford.

It is, however, not all up to me. Not to mention the fact that the Gesu does not conduct weddings, and Ken Afford can't even fit my side of the family. But it's a thought I always go back to whenever I feel caught up in the crazy wedding vortex.

According to every movie ever told, women have been planning their weddings ever since they were eight. Clearly I over-procrastinated, because here I am, two decades (and then some) later, and all I have is bits and pieces - an idea here, a firm resolve there, an a fervent hope that everything would somehow come together in the end.

The Dress

Probably the only thing I've actually been giving a thought since I was a kid. I remember going to my lola's mananahi friend, for reasons I could not remember, and flipping through the stacks of wedding magazines she always has in one corner. Even then I gravitated towards designs that were free of embellishments - no beads, no embroidery, no lace. And unlike my love for neon green, this one stuck.

Saying yes to this dress if the liposuction plans push through (merely starving myself is not enough).
Credits: Rosa Clara

Also, pockets (a girl can dream).

On Entertainment

This falls squarely within the "different strokes for different folks" thing, but I really hate it when the entourage is forced to dance. Yes it looked awesome on that one viral video, but that's because they were all into it. But if they aren't, as is the case 90% of the time, it shows, and it's just so much awkwardness for everyone. I don't find entertainment value in watching people just wanting it to end, you know?

In the same vein I also dislike the whole bouquet tossing shebang, again because in general nobody wants to do it - everyone's trying to hide in the bathroom, and the emcee starts calling out names, and people get pushed onto the stage when all they would like to do, really, is chat and eat; tell me, where is the fun in all of this?

My sister has warned me that my refusal to make a fool out of my guests - and myself - is going to result in crickets (read: the most boring wedding, ever), but there is food, and music, and family and friends to catch up with. Shouldn't that be enough?

On Monobloc Chairs

Just no.
Even before Abe proposed we have already discussed this, and very intensely so. I understand the convenience, from a supplier point of view, but not only are they uncomfortable to sit on, with the ribbon on they also look like blindfolded ghosts.


While I like the concept of adding personal touches to the wedding, I am not going the DIY route for two reasons.

First, when I was a kid, whenever some family friend got married, my mother would volunteer to make the souvenirs. This was the era of the utterly useless tchotchkes, and she would get these ceramic doves and cages and tiny little flowers from who knows where (Divisoria, most probably) and make these lace ribbons in the same color as the blindfold on the aforementioned ghost chairs and print out these tiny cards with the bride and groom's name, and it was my task to glue them all together. It was fun, for the first five pieces. When you hit what seems like the hundredth or so (probably closer to the twentieth, but hey, I was a kid), and your fingers are all burnt from the hot glue, and you're all bleary-eyed but you can't stop because the wedding is tomorrow, well, you kinda make a promise to your future self to never ever repeat the same mistake.

And then there is the mild OCD. I remember getting a very thorough scolding after I ripped out my notes because I didn't like the way my notes looked. That was in first grade. X years later (read: this year), I went through three planners, each one filled out for only a week and then promptly discarded because I... didn't like the way my notes looked. I really feel bad about wasting all that paper (and I'm a grown woman, for crying out loud), but I found it impossible to move on without switching to a new notebook. I finally found my peace on the fourth one, and will use the rejects for Japanese character writing practice. But the point is, I am absolutely sure that the same scenario will play out should I go all DIY on my wedding. So for my mental wellbeing, and that of the people who surround me (also, in the interest of less waste), this one I'm leaving to the professionals.

On Priorities

Again, different strokes, different folks.
We chose to splurge on rings and photos, because that's what we get to keep.
We chose to splurge on food, because that's what people remember (at least that's what I remember).
We chose to splurge on the wedding planner, because we want to come out of all of this healthy, sane, and most importantly, alive.

Everything else, it's just fluff.

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