Chasing Trains: Work Edition

Today I woke up in a hotel room somewhere north south of Tokyo, got lost finding our branch office which was actually in the exact same building (but different entrance, see), had my lunch break in the form of a twenty minute cab ride, and spent three hours in a meeting conducted entirely in Nihongo which, despite my weekly lessons, I am still struggling with (read: wakarimasen).

It's not the most ideal of situations, but now I'm all bundled up under fluffy sheets, my tummy happy after downing an avocado burger (from Freshness Burger, which if you can't tell from the name, is like the best franchise ever), wearing the first hotel robe I seriously considered stealing (I even checked if they have it up for sale), with this view right outside my window.

So I can't complain, really.

I've been doing a fair bit of flitting about for work lately. It's exhausting, to say the least - there are days when I leave the apartment before sunrise to catch the first shinkansen out of Tokyo, and then take the last train back - but part of me is enjoying it. It's no secret I love trains, and to get to ride the shinkansen for free is not going to get old for a good while. I think it comes from the weekly back and forth from my home to Manila since high school - it takes four hours one way, and there was nothing to do inside the bus apart from staring out into the window, and so eventually I somehow just learned to entertain myself that way.

Just between you and me, though, I slightly prefer Germany's ICE, with the huge tables and the restaurant car and the free gummy bears in first class. But on a clear day and if I somehow manage to pick the right window seat, I do get to stare at Mt. Fuji for a good hour.

So I guess what I'm saying is, things have been quite hectic lately, but in a very good way. ^^

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