Depachika Diaries: Gramercy New York

I've been trying to avoid the depachika - the sprawling wasteland of wonderful food that is the department store basement - because it's terrible for the waistline, but today is Happy Wednesday (no work after six, yay) and my colleague told me she was going to this place that sells "the fluffiest yummiest cake" and well, who am I to resist.

It's called Gramercy New York, but it's a Japanese company.

But of course.
Like crepes and baumkuchen, it's just one of those things that the Japanese have made their own. And they do it so well, too, so no complaints here.

Now, I'm usually wary of desserts in these parts because they seldom taste as pretty as they look (so very heartbreakingly pretty, so maybe it's not fair), and maybe ninety percent would contain some form of red bean filling, which makes me irrationally angry (case in point: Muji's giant sakura marshmallows - I was so, so very upset). But I'm happy to report that this seems to be an exception.

Even the freaking ice pack comes nicely packaged

I ordered the classic New York cheesecake. It's not much of a looker, but oh my goodness.

Fluffy, creamy, cheesy goodness with just the right hint of citrus, nestled on top of a lovely pecan crust. So totally worth the calories, and the migraine that is brewing right at this very moment.

And the best part?

Less than two thousand yen for the entire cake. Now excuse me while I go into a food coma.

P.S. Remember that scene in Friends where Rachel and Chandler were eating cheescake off the floor? It's probably this one

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