Update No. 1

Good news first: the first month was pretty solid. No purchases other than earmuffs and gloves (and right in the nick of time, too, because goodness me did it get cold). There has been replacements - moisturizers (same exact brands as the ones I emptied), knit jumpers (destroyed in the wash, and destroyed the replacements too, so in summary no more jumpers), and G-Tech pens (because all it takes to destroy them is an accidental drop while uncapped). And there was the emergency hand cream purchase because my hands got so dry that they started bleeding.

Oddly enough, it wasn't as difficult as I thought. Mostly it's thanks to the (unholy) trinity of Netflix, winter, and the rediscovery of cross stitching which made me extremely reluctant to leave the comfort of my apartment. But there is also this shift from the shopping mindset of chasing after the best bargains to just getting the best I can afford, discount or no discount. I find that to be extremely effective in preventing subsequent purchase - if I already have, in my possession, what I perceive to be the best, what would be the point in getting a presumably inferior item, no matter how huge the discount?

And then there's the bad. Well, not so much bad as it is a complication.
Two things: work and our engagement shoot. The latter is self-explanatory. The former, well, I've gone from barely one meeting a month, to three meetings a week. Now I own exactly one (1) white button down shirt, so you can see how this new state of things became slightly problematic. I have no qualms wearing the same thing every meeting, but I do insist on them being laundered in between wears, you know?

So for a few weeks now I have been actively trying to shop for new clothes. Trying is the operative word, because nine times out of ten I would come home empty handed. I know, I know, I can't believe it either. As it turns out, I don't like shopping if it's something I have to do. But I would like to think that the fact that once I gave myself "permission" to go ahead and purchase stuff I didn't go bonkers and just started buying things left and right is a sign that maybe, maybe this whole thing could be working after all,

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