The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Temptu Air

Back with a review!

I've had the Temptu Air for two months now, so I guess we're past the honeymoon phase. It was initially purchased for our prenup shoot, because I was too cheap to hire a professional for what was essentially just a single day's worth of makeup. Even if it did cost an arm and a leg, I still ended up with substantial savings, plus I get a new toy to play with! I kinda haven't stopped using it since the day it arrived, so I guess that tells you the direction this review is heading towards.

Temptu has been coming out with airbrush kits for years now, and in this latest reincarnation they have managed to get rid of the giant compressor box, and the electric cord as well, leaving behind an ultra-portable, ultra-nifty handheld device. Makeup is fed into the airbrush gun via snap-in cartridges called airpods. I only have one for foundation, but blush, bronzer, and highlighter cartridges are also available.


For the uninitiated, airbrush makeup is a type of application technique where an airbrush gun is used to spray the product to the face in a fine mist. Not to be confused with "airbrushing" in Photoshop which is a technique used to make all other women feel inferior to the model in the glossy magazine. My only prior experience with airbrush makeup was for a friend's wedding, when it was applied by a "professional" (air quotes because she set the foundation with MAC Studio Fix - if I wanted MSF on my face I would have just done it myself, you know), so I came in with zero experience, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of it. The key is to keep moving in small circles and maintain a distance of two to three inches from your face to prevent splotches. Also, keep you eyes closed - I had an eye check-up and the doctor was really worried that I have "gel formations" on a fresh pair of contacts, and guess what they were?

The Good

  • You know how products always claim to "look like real skin" but they really don't? Well this one does. Real, healthy skin.
  • It's a breeze (heh) to apply. Just give the pod a couple of shakes, attach it to the thing, and spray your face to perfection.
  • It lasts a very, very long time. My prenup shoot started at seven in the morning, and I still had a full face of makeup by the time we got home at eleven in the evening. Crazy.
  • Zero cleanup. No more aching back and pruny fingers from washing a crapton of buffer brushes over the weekend. Bonus: it's a lot more sanitary, too!
  • Completely foolproof. Once you get the hang of it, it's very difficult to mess up.
  • It travels extremely well. Granted, the airbrush gun is not the lightest thing in the world, but it's compact enough to chuck into a weekend bag, and the airpods when detached are spill-proof.
  • It has a micro-USB charging port. Hallelujah! One less cable to faff with.

Photo taken post-dinner

The Bad

  • When you start increasing the number of layers, it starts to look less natural. Not cakey, but not skin-like either. 
  • It does cling to texture. I'm not sure if I would love this as much if I had dry patches or active breakouts, for example. And I am loath to admit it, primer is a really good idea with this. 
  • It takes forever to dry! I mean, sure application takes only two minutes, but then I have to wait a couple more before I can proceed with the rest of my makeup so I don't disturb the finish (my workaround for this is to apply my foundation, then blow dry my hair, then do the rest of my face).
  • Because of the nature of the pods, there is no way to customize the foundation shade. Temptu does have an extensive range, and the shades are very forgiving, but if you have no match then you are shit out of luck.
  • The price is, well, it's not something you buy on a whim. Let's just put it at that. Although I think it's not so much a question of "are you getting your money's worth?", because the cost is reasonable for an airbrush gun, but rather it's "do you really need this gadget in your life?", because not everyone needs an airbrush gun.

The Ugly

  • It transfers. Ugh. Abe has a giant beige splotch on his jacket on maybe half of our prenup pictures because of this. Although this could be because I applied more layers. But still. Ugh.
  • It's a pain in the ass to get ahold of. Sephora has stopped carrying it, the Temptu website does not ship internationally, and Temptu Japan only has the old-school airbrush kits. I ended up ordering mine off Nordstrom, and went blind on the foundation shade (not the smartest move, I know, but it miraculously worked).
  • I used up an entire airpod's worth of foundation IN ONE MONTH. I have never, in my life, finished a full-sized amount of makeup that fast. And these pods don't come cheap, as well. And I have to order them overseas. This almost makes me want to stop using it. Almost. At the very least, it makes me hate myself a little each morning as I excitedly spray my face with expensive awesomeness.

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