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Over the last couple of years my key takeaway as far as my skin is concerned is that it is generally happier with less. For about a year or so I struggled with massive breakouts, and I tried so many products only to find that if I pared my routine down to include only the essentials it would all go away. Imagine how much I would have saved (both financially and emotionally) had I known this at the very beginning. Admittedly it's a challenge to stick to a bare-bones routine, what with the constant bombardment of anti-aging adverts but I figure it's easier to live with wrinkles rather than pock marks from acne.

Not in picture: my facial soap. At the moment I'm using this carrot soap that my aunts gave me (I was breaking out so bad that they took it upon themselves to try and fix it), but generally I'm happy with any normal foaming cleanser.

I'm happy to be reunited with Fancl's cleansing oil, and I hear they've reopened in Singapore as well which is awesome. Proactiv and SK-II, well, these need no introduction, no?

I wish I took a picture of my lashes before I started using the DHC lash serum, because while I feel it's working, I have no way to confirm if it is indeed effective or if it's all in my head :/

Last but not least: Curel Intensive Moisture Cream - the only Japanese moisturizer that ever worked for me. It's a very no-frills moisturizer which has seen me through winter and Singapore weather. Definitely a keeper.


I try to keep my daily makeup routine short and sweet, all for the glory of ten more minutes of shut-eye. Also I find that the less products I pile on my face in the morning, the less haggard I look in the afternoon (I should probably do a midday touchup but ain't nobody got time for that).

The Temptu Air is the Chris Brown to my Rihanna - I hate how much I love it. I keep trying to go back to my other foundations, but not only is airbrush better aesthetically, it's also a lot more hygienic and less irritating to the skin (and I also have no brushes to wash every weekend). So let this serve as a warning, because THERE IS NO GOING BACK. I use the Lancome Hydra Glow primer as base, and do a quick dusting of the Nars light reflecting loose powder on top (I hated the pressed version btw, but this one I love).

The fact that I kept my Benefit Rockateur blush despite the horrid, bulky packaging is a testament to how good it is. I actually tried to look for dupes that aren't housed in a giant box with faux snakeskin print, but there is none to be found. It's like Chris Brown, Jr. Lately I've also been loving Nars Douceur, just because it's a very easy blush to wear and it goes with anything. It has, of course, been discontinued, because we can't have nice things. Seriously, Nars, first Napoli and then Descanso and now this. Why do you do this to me?

These days I've been keeping my brows fairly natural. I just got so fed up with the whole brows-on-fleek movement and seeing crazy chiseled brows everywhere that I started craving for normal, human brows. Well, that, and I've been really behind on the brow upkeep. Heh. Anyway I've just been filling them out with powder using this giant Hakuhodo eyebrow brush. I asked the lady at the counter for recommendations and she gave me this brush along with the promise that my brows are going to be ready with one swoosh. It's not going to give the most sculpted result, but that's kind the point, yes? I then set everything using this drugstore discovery called Brow Lash Ex which keeps everything intact for the entire day. I have no idea what's in it, but it's a miracle product, is what it is.

For lashes I usually go back and forth between the Shu and Shiseido lash curlers (today it's the former). I have switched mascara loyalties, however, and am now a big fan of the Heroine Make Volume and Curl. Like any Japanese mascara worth its salt, it's will absolutely not budge and holds a curl like nobody's business.

I'm not a very big lipstick wearer, although they are the most numerous of all the items in my makeup drawer (and I should probably do something about that). I just drink so much coffee throughout the day and I hate leaving a mark on the coffee cup (there is a song about this which will probably be on repeat in my head for the entire week). Recently though I have been liking Clarins lip oil, although to be honest I treat it more like a skincare product than makeup - I apply it first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. It imparts absolutely no color at all, and it's too shiny for my liking, but it has kept my lips really moisturized, much more so than a regular lip balm.

Not in picture: Nars creamy radiant concealer. I'm on my fifth or sixth tube, and I swear to God if Nars discontinues this I will raise hell.

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