Wedding Diaries: The Engagement Shoot

Our prenup pics just came in the mail and I am completely floored by how well they turned out. All credits go to our awesome photographer Gail, because all Abe and I ever did was show up.

I was initially averse to the idea of a prenup/engagement shoot - I've never been one to enjoy being photographed, and I have yet to hear a happy photoshoot story (the prevailing sentiment appears to be just wanting to get it over and done with). But my friends made the very good point that I should consider this a trial run for the photographer to learn my good angles (because heaven knows they are few and far between) and for me to learn how to smile without looking like a total derp. So we decided to push through with it, and by some grand alignment of the stars we even managed to schedule it at the tail end of cherry blossom season.

The day before the shoot Abe and I were zipping across Tokyo and Yokohama cram-shopping for clothes - he just got back from a business trip to the Netherlands and had absolutely zilch to wear, and the dress I ordered online was still stuck in customs (it arrived at noon the next day, when we were right smack in the middle of shooting). H&M ended up being our savior, with the only blazer that actually fit Abe, and a newly-launched collection of dresses (bonus: dress has pockets!).

I wasn't able to find a local hair and makeup artist, so I had to do everything myself. It was not the easiest of mornings - I had to use a transformer for my Miracurl because of the voltage difference, and it shut down every ten minutes because of overheating. I remember just staring at my reflection in the mirror for a good minute or two, a quarter of my hair all curly and the rest of it a frizzy mess, and thinking "what now?" It was nothing short of a miracle that I managed to assemble my face without turning into a giant ball of stress, and even managed to stick on a fancy pair of falsies (lashes make a world of difference, I shit you not).

We started shooting around seven in the morning, flitting from area to area, and by the time we're done it was almost six in the evening! That's a hell of a long time for a photo shoot, but surprisingly at the end of it all Abe and I were neither tired nor irritable. I mean sure, I wasn't able to smile for the next couple of days without my facial muscles quivering, but I honestly, thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Gail just has a way of putting everyone at ease, and it never feels too directed or contrived. I'm already excited to see our wedding photos, even if it hasn't happened yet!

My one regret was doing the shoot while I'm still fat, but you know what, maybe after a couple more pounds I could convince Abe to do a second one. Hah :p

Photo Credits: Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography

P.S. So what does one do with the engagement photos, exactly? Asking for a friend.

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