Favorite Things: Ateleia Brass Pen

As far as note-taking is concerned I am decidedly old-school. It has been postulated that people retain information much more effectively when writing it down as opposed to typing, and I find that to be particularly true for me. The pen is mightier than the keyboard (yes, even a mechanical one).

I discovered the Pilot Hi-Tec-C during my senior year in high school, and it has been my weapon of choice ever since. I was loyal to the 0.3mm tip, and then promptly moved on to the 0.25 the moment I found out it exists. However with the plethora of form factors available here in Japan I still find myself wishing for something a bit more substantial, and that is why upon discovering the Ateleia brass pen I ordered one with very little hesitation.

Minimalist, slim, and weighty. I couldn't ask for more, really.

And look, a handwritten note! I can never hate a business that sends handwritten notes. I just can't.

The pen is machined out of C360 solid brass bar stock. I have no idea what that means, but if my fifth grade teacher threw this pen towards the noisy people at the back of the class, he would most definitely have been canned. It's probably not something you would want to twirl, either.

It's a very straightforward, no-frills kind of pen, and it feels incredibly well-made. It is definitely on the heavy side, which works very well for me as I like to write with a lot of torque. It's just a lovely, lovely pen to write with, and I've used mine every single day since it arrived, and I write so much more often too (case in point: I used five times more pages last month).

Crazy teenage gushing aside, there are a few caveats. First, it requires a wrench or a similar implement to change the refill cartridges. Thankfully they've included one in the package. But it's not something you'd want to be doing on the fly. Second, the cap does not post. It will roll off the table and startle everyone within a hundred meter radius when it hits the floor. Last but not least, the brass stays pristine for exactly five minutes, after which it promptly begins to tarnish. It also imparts a metallic scent to your fingers upon contact. I have to point out that I am bothered by none of these (if anything the last one is a positive because it gets rid of the post-cooking garlic stench that even the strongest dishwashing solution is unable to remove from my fingertips) but I can understand how they can be an issue for some people.

At any rate, I am so very smitten with this pen that I immediately pounced on the copper version the moment it became available. The color is gorgeous, and I cannot wait to take it out for a spin (I did run into a bit of a problem because the 0.25 refill cartridge is a hair thicker than the normal ones for some reason, so they had to send me a replacement tip with a bigger hole). I think, I think I have all the pens I would ever need.

P.S. You can get the Ateleia brass pens at a discount right now on Massdrop.

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