Just Japan Things: Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip

So let's just pretend that I didn't go off the radar for nearly two months. Things just happened and by things I mean Pokemon Go (I know, I know, for shame). I also got all four wisdom teeth removed (not all at one time - it took two sessions), and made a quick trip home to the Philippines where I was welcomed with heavy rains which I somehow brought back to Japan with me in the form of a typhoon which left me with a nasty case of the sniffles.


So Anj alerted me to this thing one afternoon and I kid you not, it was on my bathroom counter that very night.

It's a facial wash that is dispensed in the form of foam roses. Yes, roses. Because, you know, Japan.

To be honest as far as facial cleansing innovations go I'm still waiting for one that foams whilst maintaining the correct pH, but have I mentioned you get ~perfectly-shaped~ roses? Like with individual petals and shit?

And that you can scoop it up and smoosh all that loveliness into your face?

The texture is very similar to shaving cream - it's dense and soft and feels a bit like spreading icing onto your face, which I may or may not have done irl. It's just very, very luxurious. Like at one point I started thinking to myself that this must be what it feels to have made it (until of course, I rinsed it off and went back to the reality of not actually having made it).

Performance is quite meh - the foam doesn't lather (again, really like shaving cream), it leaves my face squeaky (read:drying), and yet it is powerless against airbrush foundation and waterproof mascara (I use cleansing oil for that anyway, but I just tried for the heck of it). The rose scent is also a tad overwhelming. But let's be honest, is anyone actually buying it for its facial cleansing prowess? Didn't think so.

Yes, it's a gimmick.

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And yes, you need it in your life.
It retails for around 1200JPY in  your friendly neighborhood Japanese drugstore - I got mine in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Final word of warning: If you press the levers a little too eagerly it goes from floral to phallic very quickly. XD

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