Favorite Things: Goody Spin Pins

So these have been around for ages, but nobody ever told me they actually worked.

In fact I think I tried everything else in the hair section before I snapped them up out of desperation. They just didn't look particularly effective. I mean, they're just screw things that also kinda look like a double helix.

Goody claims that a spin pin is equivalent to ten bobby pins. I don't really know how true that is, but I can confirm that not only were a pair of them able to hoist all of my hair up, they kept it there the entire day, and that to me is nothing short of miraculous. I have very fine hair, and not a lot of it, so clamps and clips will inevitably just slide down for lack of anything to grab on to. But these wonderful little pins, they stay.

Usage is pretty straightforward, too. Just twist your hair into a bun and screw the pins in, one on either side. To remove, spin them in the opposite direction (remember: "righty tighty, lefty loosey" :p). It takes two minutes, tops.
In fact, this picture took longer to take than it did to create the bun.

I've recommended it to friends with hair types way different from mine, and it worked for them as well. I think it's worth giving them a spin *wink*. Seriously though, it's kinda awesome.

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