Just Japan Things: Terrace House

Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City has just recently concluded and my Tuesdays have never been the same since.

I've been trying to get people to watch this show, often times to no avail, and I kind of understand why. It's a reality show, which the world is trying to collectively move on from, plus it's in Japanese so it's not something you can watch passively. I myself had to be prodded by Netflix for months before I gave it a try, and when I finally did I didn't make it past the first episode before I moved on to something else. When I have finally exhausted all my other options, I gave it another whirl, and I was up until 3 or 4 in the morning and I had work the following day. Unbeknownst to me, Abe was also up at the same time, because I ordered begged him to please please please watch just one episode so he has an idea what I'd most likely be yammering about in the days to come, and he ended up watching the entire first season and hating me for having access to the next one.

Terrace House is a local TV show that was picked up by Netflix. The first season is available in most countries as far as I can tell, and second one should be available soon. So the premise is you have three boys and three girls and they live together in one house. Yes, you can roll your eyes because heaven knows I did.

What separates it from every other reality show ever is that everyone's life outside the house still goes one as it normally would - they still go to work, their families and friends can visit, and they even get to watch their own episodes as they air. And, it's Japanese. They just do things differently.

Like birthday party conversations.

And "everyday" grub.

And professions that are popular with women.

Terrace House Tip #1: Hairdresser > Jock. Yep. 

Also, people keep waking everyone up, and no one gets mad. Like they don't even shout or anything.
I mean, he's buried under the covers for crying out loud. Is that what you look like when you're up?!?

Some things remain the same across all cultures, though.

The show also includes a regular commentary from a very entertaining group of local celebrities (seriously, at certain points they're the ones that actually keep the show going), which provides even more wonderful insight.

Terrace House Tip #2: Keep that voice nice and deep. 

Terrace House Tip #3: Never ever tell people you're hungry. 

But seriously, though. Keep that voice deep.

Like real low and deep.

Maybe even consider vocal chord surgery?

Seriously, just give it a go. If you stick with it long enough you shall be rewarded with an episode where a guy bursts into tears because everyone else ate his meat. It's glorious, I tell you.


  1. Love this show! My fiance and I were hooked from the very first couple of minutes. Have you watched "midnight diner" ? That is what led me to this show, not reality, but really great!

    1. I've watched only a couple of episodes but I'll go ahead and see the rest of it now (while waiting for Part 4 of Aloaha State :p). Thanks for the reco! :)