The Daily Face v2.0


Over the last couple of years my key takeaway as far as my skin is concerned is that it is generally happier with less. For about a year or so I struggled with massive breakouts, and I tried so many products only to find that if I pared my routine down to include only the essentials it would all go away. Imagine how much I would have saved (both financially and emotionally) had I known this at the very beginning. Admittedly it's a challenge to stick to a bare-bones routine, what with the constant bombardment of anti-aging adverts but I figure it's easier to live with wrinkles rather than pock marks from acne.

Wedding Diaries: The Engagement Shoot

Our prenup pics just came in the mail and I am completely floored by how well they turned out. All credits go to our awesome photographer Gail, because all Abe and I ever did was show up.


The lease on our teeny tiny apartment has just ended, so I'm feeling a bit sentimental. Also it has been very rainy recently, and nothing reminds me of Singapore quite like crazy showers and humidity.

Legal vandalism: graffiti was encouraged before they demolished this building

Flavor of the Week: Chazuke

I have this tendency, when I find something I like, to eat it every single chance I get. The last few weeks, for example, have been all about Chazuke, and it has gotten so bad I've had to force myself to stay away so I don't get tired of it (I kinda miss it already *sniff*).