Bullet Point Mondays: About Last Weekend

  • So The Moffatts, ultimate boyband of my youth, were in Singapore last Saturday as part of their farewell tour. My sister and I figured it'd be a shame not to go; after all, their pictures did adorn every single inch of our room's walls. ("Ano bang kademonyohan yan (What in the devil is that)?!?" my grandma would ask whenever she entered.)
  • On the one hand, it's like I was back to being a giddy teenager ("Where are your classmates?", I asked my sister, referring to her colleagues), and on the other hand, it's practically a Titas of Manila convention (Singapore chapter). In case you're not aware, the band has not released an album in like fifteen years, so they haven't really accumulated any new fans since then. In fact the only person in attendance not over twenty was literally an infant. I too, am wondering why someone would bring her newborn to a concert but I try not to judge too much
  • It was not a great concert, by any stretch of the imagination (the aging process has not been kind to Scott and his vocal chords), but admittedly it was so very amusing. Like, wow, at one point in my life I thought this was cool. My only regret was not being able to wear this shirt. It would've been so perfect!
  • I have to say I am happy and thankful that at the height of my concert-going days, smartphones and selfie sticks were not yet a thing. Gah. If I wanted to watch the band through a teeny tiny screen I would've just stayed home. 
  • The following day we had lunch at Shimbashi Soba in Paragon (probably the only mall in Orchard not inundated with people on a Sunday). Quite pricey, but their noodles are fresh and hand-made. We ordered the seasonal yuzu soba, and it was seriously, seriously good. Like maybe-we-should-also-have-dinner-here-later good. 
  • Last but not least, the hype for Bake cheese tarts has died down (no queue in the Ion Orchard shop!), which meant it was time for us to try them. The verdict: good enough to risk the migraine, but I wouldn't queue for more than five minutes. 
Have a great week ahead!

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