Or, how I gained all the weight that took me a year to shed in a span of four days.

Just Japan Things: Shinkansen-ing

I’ve been missing Japan lately. Must be the horrible Singapore weather. I miss my flat and all its natural light, I miss my early morning weekend walks through the park, and gosh I miss the trains.

Suqqu Extra Rich Cream Foundation

One of my first purchases when I moved to Japan was a Suqqu foundation, and we've been inseparable ever since (yes, there was that tryst with the Temptu Air but that stopped after the second refill because $$$). Back then it was still called Frame Fix Cream Foundation, but it has since been reformulated into the Extra Rich Foundation.

I've always found the Suqqu counter quite intimidating. The brand is targeted towards a more mature demographic - the brand concept speaks of "sophistication" and "inner composure" - and I definitely felt like I wasn't polished enough to so much as approach it. When I did muster enough cojones to finally make a purchase (I may have dressed up for the occasion too), it was rather spectacular - it came with their famed gankin massage. I'm generally not a fan of massages, but hmnmnmmm this one... my face has never been so plump and bouncy since. The staff also don white gloves before handling the product, which they do so with a reverence normally reserved for Herm├Ęs bags or Harry Winston diamonds.

Iceland: Winter Packing List

It's kind of miraculous how well my cram-packing for Iceland turned out, considering how it was practically an afterthought with all the wedding insanity.

For reference we were there for seven days, not including flight days, in the beginning of January. The average daytime temperature in Reykjavik was zero degrees, but as we ventured out into different parts of the country it went as low as -20C. Apparently this was quite warm for winter, but I get chills at 25C so just keep that in mind when deciding whether you need as many layers as I do.