Or, how I gained all the weight that took me a year to shed in a span of four days.

Both Abe and I have been to Amsterdam before, so this leg of the honeymoon was intended to be fairly relaxed after all the traipsing about in Iceland. We booked this neat little hotel in De Hallen (concept hotel + rain shower = yes please), an historic area that used to be the service station for the city’s first electric trams. Apart from the hotel, it’s now home to a cinema complex, a network of shops, and Foodhallen, which reminds me of a Singapore hawker center, except Dutch.

I initially felt bad for Amsterdam because I thought it could never measure up to the awesomeness that is Iceland, but all of that changed when we started eating. Maybe it’s the variety of food choices, or how everything seemed affordable relatively to the crazy Icelandic prices, but we'd find ourselves discussing our dinner plans when we're barely even halfway through lunch. I mean, we did make it to the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank house, the latter being a huge missed opportunity during my first visit because my colleagues didn't know who she was. But mostly it's been all about food. The couple that eats together, gets fat stays together, right?

Foodhallen grub. We ate here more times than I would like to admit because we're lazy creatures of habit. 

Van Kerkwij. Really neat concept (they have a "talking" menu).
Their signature dish is steak with goat's cheese and strawberry sauce and I still don't know how I feel about it :/

Fresh (and cheap!) berries + Stroopwafel <3

I can never hate a city with good coffee (and this is a real coffeeshop, not a "coffeeshop", btw :p)

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