Friday Favorites: Deliveroo

Or, how to be a total recluse.

Seriously though. The one good motivator for me to leave the house is hunger (it’s the one good motivator for everything), but now that I’ve discovered you can have restaurant-quality food delivered to my doorstep faster than I could get myself to the shower? Game over.

It’s the dream y’all: proper meals without having to dress up and deal with people. And I get to prop my feet up and watch Netflix. Mmnmnm.

For the uninitiated, Deliveroo is a service that lets you order from nearby restaurants, to be picked up and delivered by their own fleet of riders. And by restaurants, I don’t mean just the typical pizza and fastfood joints - there’s a wide variety ranging from the hole-in-the-wall Nasi Lemak stall to hipster cafes to fancy schmancy fine dining establishments. The only limitation is, well, whatever’s near you. I happen to be spoilt for choice because the East is teeming with good food. Here are a couple of my favorites (although I’m sure there’s tons more waiting to be discovered).

Muchachos {Deliveroo Editions}

Muchachos is a Mexican joint all the way down in Keong Saik Road, but is available to Katong residents via Deliveroo Editions (until May, if I’m not mistaken). I ordered the Carne Asada burrito, and it was humongous and devoid of fillers - just lots of chunks of juicy steak and lots of rice and beans and avocado (had to pay extra but so so worth it). I liked it so much I ordered the exact same thing the very next day. Yas.
P.S. They also sell Mexican Coke, made of real cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. I personally find it nothing revolutionary - it does taste different, but I can’t say it’s necessarily better, flavor-wise.

The Minimalist Project: An Update

It may have gotten a bit waylaid by all the wedding preps, but I still think I made significant progress over the past year, not just in the amount of things I owned, but also in the way I go about my purchases.

For 2017, I’m moving away from the shopping fasts and mass decluttering; instead it will be all about editing - looking at what I have right now, figuring out what needs to go, and what I might have to add. It’s a long work in progress, and I’ll be posting some updates soon.

In the meantime, here are a couple of “lessons learned” over the course of my minimalist (mis)adventures.