Friday Favorites: Content

Or, the things I consume to fill the drag race-shaped hole in my life.

Radiolab [Podcast]

A podcast for the curious. It tackles mostly scientific, sometimes philosophical topics but made a lot more accessible and so very engaging. There have been more than a couple of episodes where I almost feel sad as I reach the end, in the same way that I feel bereft upon finishing a particularly good book.

A couple of my favorites: Colors, CRISPR, From Tree to Shining Tree, K-poparazzi (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t particularly care for K-pop).

Jenny Mustard [YouTube]

Non-pretentious aspirational minimalism.

Spoon & Tamago [Blog]

I always like to keep an eye out for what the creative people of Japan are up to, because they never ever disappoint.

No Such Thing as a Fish [Podcast]

Imagine a group of friends just discussing whatever random fact they stumbled across that morning and just running away with it, to often hilarious and interesting results. Kinda like a really good lunchtime conversation, before people got really into mobile games. Bonus points for the Japanese bath tub announcement intro.
Favorites: International Factball series, where they pit the countries playing in the world cup against each other without any mention of football whatsoever.

We Love Katya [YouTube]

Ok, so this is drag race related, but the Drag101 series is the Lecture AND Lab this crazy sad world needs. Half the time I have no idea what I’m watching, but I know I’m entertained.

You're welcome.

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