The Wardrobe Edit

It’s a never-ending process, wardrobe pruning, but I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with the current state of things.

After a final round of edits (which may or may not have been triggered by having to share a closet with the husband), I’m left with fifteen tops and ten bottoms. Twenty-five pieces. That’s the entirety of my work and weekend wardrobe. It’s equal parts crazy and liberating.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I still have a lot of clothes in storage - mostly seasonal items and special occasion stuff, as well as a number of pieces I am still undecided on. However, for the last three months I have never felt the need to go beyond what is currently hanging inside my closet.

There is something immensely satisfying in opening my closet on a dreary Monday morning and taking all of ten seconds to pick out what to wear.

It was a long process getting here, though, and not without my fair share of mishaps. The biggest was probably trying to do it all in one weekend. In my mind I was going to get rid of all my clothes on Saturday, buy a “uniform” on Sunday, and report to work on Monday a new woman. You could probably guess how it ended; impatience and impulsiveness have always been my downfall. It takes time, and a lot of thought.

I think my biggest breakthrough was figuring out the difference between what I liked, and what I liked on me, and that the latter is what is actually worth purchasing. For instance, as much as I love seeing a plethora of colors in my wardrobe, it’s always the white shirts getting reserved for special occasions, followed by the black ones when they’re all in the wash (interestingly enough, I already made this observation seven years ago!).

Once I laid out my own “rules” for what I should and should not purchase (no dropped shoulder seams, or fabric that wrinkles easily, or anything that requires handwashing because ain’t nobody got time for that) it suddenly became extra easy to leave the mall without a paper bag. In fact it progressively got harder to go shopping (it didn’t help that 90% of all the tops sold in Singapore either have dropped shoulders or no shoulders). In the end it became less about getting rid of things, and more about deliberate purchases. It’s a good place to be in.

Now on to shoes…

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