Fenty Beauty | Anti-Haul

Today was a harsh reminder that no matter how successful I've been in not getting carried away by beauty guru-generated hype and avoiding impulse purchases, I am not completely impervious to the dreaded FOMO.

If you asked me two days ago I wouldn't even have the slightest clue what Fenty Beauty was, but today it's suddenly the most important thing in the world. I guess the worldwide launch is a big factor - Singapore is usually a couple of weeks behind as far as product availability, and by then the make-up forums have had time to tear it apart if it's crap, giving me enough time and information to evaluate a prospective purchase. But this time we're getting it on the same day as the US (a few hours ahead, even), so there's this element of excitement, I guess. Oh, and it's Rihanna's very own makeup line, so it's bound to be a big deal. Remember the whole hype surrounding Riri Woo?

Now (thankfully) I'm not crazy enough to hightail it to Sephora on a work day, but I am not above stalking Sephora's website. At this point the only thing I knew about it was that the packaging was the perfect shade of ~millenial pink~. But of course. By some weird glitch, I found a couple of items already listed on sale  a few minutes before 3pm (the online launch was slightly delayed to coincide with the rest of the world's), and so I had to take the chance and clicked on the foundation, tried to "guess-timate" my shade (no swatches online yet), added it to my cart, and found out that there's a free Fenty holographic pouch with purchase. Sweet. I click back to browse some more, but as it's already 3pm at this point the website crashes. Whoops.

Sephora's color picker - kinda useless

Two minutes later it's back up again, with more items added to the range this time! During that short downtime I scoured my instagram feed for swatches (nope), and decided that foundation was too risky. But I kinda really want to get that free pouch... so I try and look for whatever else I can buy. There's a roll of blotting sheets with a mirror. Perfect! I use blotting sheets. Sometimes. Plus it would fit so nicely in my makeup bag. I removed the foundation from the cart and tried to check out. Uh-oh. I need 14 dollars more to qualify for free shipping. Must find more items.

There's this foundation stick that I could maybe use as contour, so the shade match wouldn't have to be as perfect. Instagram again, for swatches. Everything is potato quality, but I settled on a safe shade. Latte. If it won't work as a countour it'll probably still work as a bronzer of sorts. Add to cart.

Horror of horrors: the bag is gone! Apparently in the time it took for me to look through the #fentybeauty hashtags they sold out. Gah. I looked at my cart again. I've never been a fan of contour sticks. In theory I like them, but never actually reach for them. Why do I think this will work, more so than others I have personally tried and swatched in-store? Removed from cart.

And then the blotting sheets. I actually haven't used blotting sheets in months. Also this particular type is very similar (probably the same) as the Shiseido paper ones that are popular in Japan, which I kinda hate. And when I zoom in on the packaging it actually looks kind of cheap - holographic text? And holographic pouch? Really?!? Why did I think I needed this again?

Cart empty.
Disaster averted.
*Pats self on back*

The clincher: It occurred to me, at the end of it all, that I'm not even Rihanna's biggest fan in the first place. I just get stupid sometimes, I guess.

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