Iceland Photo Dump

So this week, the husband decided it was finally time to show me the photos that he took during our honeymoon. In Iceland. A YEAR AGO. -.-
Better late than never, I guess.

I finally have photos of myself in Iceland (or at least I think it's me).

While waiting for our hotel room keys. I wish my hair was always this color (in all lighting conditions). And we don't look half-bad for more than a day's worth of travel.

Whale-watching (in vain T.T)

Hallgrímskirkja. Beautiful, beautiful church.

Freezing weather #OOTD. Love that my Uniqlo parka has fleece-lined slots specifically for the hands apart from the actual pockets.

Gulfoss. The photo doesn't convey just how incredibly vast it was.

Another waterfall, on a particularly windy day :p

Blue Lagoon. We had to avail of the free mud masks because they're being sold at ridiculous prices in the shop.