The Lemming List

Because life is a series of never-ending wants.

1. Hermes Lindy
I wish it weren't Hermes but it is and there ain't nothin' I can do about it but weep.

2. Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush
Update: I kinda prefer Spanish Pink now :p
Update: I bought Spanish Pink tee her

3. A Labelmaker!
I've always thought it would be awesome to have one, but for some reason I'm too cheap to make the purchase. And look! They have touchscreen models now!
Update: Le boyfriend got me one for Christmas ^^

4. Zara Mini Leather Tote
Intense bag lust. I am a sucker for buttery tan leather.

5. Lytro
I've been stalking it for ages but at the end of the day I still find it too expensive for the novelty that it is.

6. Jeremy Scott x Longchamp SS2014
My heart skipped when I saw this on Instagram (via @thebaghag). I have a soft spot for colorbars because it reminds me of my first project at work - it's also this site's favicon, in case you haven't noticed. I am going to be devastated if I don't get ahold of it when it comes out (Feb/March 2014).

7. A Chalcedony ring
Because I lost mine in Boracay :(

8. House de Givenchy Hobo
I saw this in green and it was love at first sight. So pretty! *sigh*

9. Babyliss Perfect Curl
Almost too awesome to be true.

To be (perpetually) continued...

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